Thursday, July 12, 2012

Telephone game.

Remember that game when you were a kid? You sat in a circle and one person whispers a phase and as it goes around it changes into something else all together.

For the most part the press has been really positive. I want to thank everyone that has posted nice comments to my Facebook page:
and sent me emails. It's been so encouraging.

But now it's getting into a he said / she said.

I am not interested in that. The media has taken my words out of context. Twisted them around to fit into their own version of the story. That's what you do.  
At first I called it a "disapproving look" then it turned into a "glare" and now a "dirty look".

Does it really matter?

I asked her not to use her phone and she did it anyway. That's rude.

97-98% of readers polled agreed that it is not okay to use cell phone in class.

It's not rude to point out someone is being rude. 

It keeps growing and changing. Papers post photos from my personal Facebook page, which should be hidden. It was one student, now its the whole class. I'm too strict. I'm mean. I should let students do whatever they want. I don't think so. Teachers of all kinds should have some authority of what they would like to happen (or not) in their classrooms. Period.

So put your phone away. Show some courtesy, when the teacher, cashier, usher at the movies, or a priest asks you to turn off your phone. Do it.

Turn off your phone, turn on your life.

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  1. Alice, please know that you have done nothing wrong. You have the kudos and support of a lot of yogis who feel the same way. The media is what it is. Boring news stories don't grab the readers interest so they have to twist it up. And Yoga is what it is, unfortunately some people don't get it. You continue to be the great Yogi that you are. Namaste